31st Ave. Open Street

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What's Going On?

31 Avenue from 31st Street to 35th Street is closed to through traffic.

The speed limit is 5 MPH for all vehicles (cars, bikes, etc).

Residents and deliveries are permitted and can come & go (and park) as usual.

***Please note that effective Monday, November 9, 2020***

The Open Street is implementing a Fall/Winter schedule and the new hours will be from 8am to 6pm on weekends only.

We plan to return to seven days a week from 8am to 8pm in Spring 2021.

What's An Open Street?

Part of NYC Open Streets run by of the Mayor's Office and the NYCDOT.

NYPD approved the application which was submitted by the 31st Ave Open Streets Collective-made up of local members of the community.

The goal Open Streets is to provide more space for physical distancing where open space and parks are limited.

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. P R O G R A M M I N G .

The 31st Avenue Open Street is a space for the community to come together. In a time of social distancing residents are seeking refuge in our City's open spaces. Open Streets provide communities the opportunity to use street space for passive and active recreation.

Listed events are organized by local businesses, neighbors and community groups.

Safety & Reminders: All events respect physical distancing and require face coverings - first come first placed and some spaces are limited. Contact hosts for more info and to register for limited-space events.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Get Involved?

Sign Up for a Shift and Join the Mailing List

Other questions? Contact : 31stAveOpenStreet@gmail.com

Can I still park my car?

Residents are welcome as always, please be careful when parking and leaving during open streets.

What about emergencies/fire/ambulances?

The barriers leave space for vehicles to navigate slowly and emergency services will deal with them as needed - they are used to navigating barriers.

When it's hot out can we get the fire hydrants opened?

Not yet! We've applied for designation as a Cool Street - Details here from the DOT.